“I Burned It All”

This is an entry for Inspiration Monday over at BeKindRewrite (my, my, I have been exploring the Blogosphere as of late, haven’t I?). The good folk over there offer five prompts, from which you can pick and use one to write a short story. There are no rules; it is all about the writing. I chose the prompt: I burned it all. Enjoy!

I Burned It All

Happy, smiling faces are neither happy nor smiling once they start to burn.

The flames dance joyfully up the walls as I finger the ashy remains of the photographs, smearing black soot across my palms. My daughter’s laughing eyes; my son’s cheeky smile; their pictures disappear as quickly as they themselves.

Smoke fills my lungs and my hair begins to burn as I cup the ashes in my quivering fists.

I burned it all, but that’s okay.

We shall rise from the ashes.

InMond ReWriter

– Love The Bad Guy


9 thoughts on ““I Burned It All”

  1. I’m picturing her as crazy, at first, but then I thought maybe she and her family are being hunted down by mobsters or the CIA or something and they have to destroy all evidence of their existence, and move across the world with new identities.

    But then I realize I was right the first time.

    Nice piece of work!

  2. In the best possible way, I don’t know what to make of this scene. A woman is watching her family’s pictures burn, and is happy about it. Her hair is smouldering or even catching fire, and she doesn’t notice. Her hands are shaking, but it’s okay. It’s more frightening, the more that I think about it, and it makes the end the most threatening line of all.

    1. I have received some different comments about this one, which is great – I really wanted it to be the kind of story that is ambiguous, and keeps you guessing, and, indeed, makes you feel somewhat unsettled.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. 🙂

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