7×7=49 and an AWARD!

A while back, I discovered a blog called The Wild Pomegranate. Not only are pomegranates a fantastic source of vitamins, but the blog’s creator, Janece, writes brilliant posts, and always tries to find the time to leave kind comments on the works of others.

And now I love her even more, because she has awarded me with the 7×7 Award! Thank you, Janece!

What is this? I hear you ask. (I have excellent hearing.)

Well, it is a lovely little thing that asks you to answer seven questions about your blog, and then pass the award on to seven other awesome bloggers, where they will do the same, and the world keeps on spinning.

So, here we go:

1. Most Beautiful Post: This one. I mean, sure, that post has a rather morose story in it, but that story is about the endless bond of sisters, and, more importantly, that post announced the birth of my niece! If that isn’t beautiful, what is?

2. Most Popular Post: Judging from the number of comments it received, I would have to say that it was Angel in a Wedding Dress, which was an entry for the fabulous Voice Week 2011.

3. Most Controversial Post: Ha ha, please (she scoffs mockingly). When have I ever been controversial? I’m too lovable to cause controversy! But fine, I guess I’ll respond with Hungry. I posted this for the simultaneous events of Blog Action Day and World Food Day, to assist in highlighting some vital issues in the world. That’s about as close to controversy as I’m gonna get.

4. Most Helpful Post: Probably my post on the use and origin of [sic]. This response may or may not be a result of the fact that it is virtually the only post I’ve done that aims to teach you something. Well, something useful, anyway.

5. Most Surprisingly Successful Post: In my opinion, that would be my first segment of Why I Love That Bad Guy. I wrote about my adoration for Voldemort to have a laugh, but apparently people enjoyed it … which resulted in the awesome discovery that my blog had been located by somebody using the Google phrase: lord voldemort sexy.

6. Most Underrated Post: This one. It was my very first blog post, so at the time I was technically addressing no-one. While I now have a small band of awesome followers, nobody bothers to go back to the beginning. Poor little ignored thing.

7. Most Pride-Worthy Post: There are many posts that I am proud of. Heck, so long as someone “likes” my work or leaves a single word of encouragement, I’ll be glowing all day. But I think this would have to be my most pride-worthy post. It was written in celebration of reaching 100 views — a small number, yes, but at the time it seemed so immense and unreachable that I nearly burst with joy to have achieved it. It was my sixth post on Love The Bad Guy, but it was the first time that I received a comment. Pride-worthy, indeed.

And now I get to spread the joy! There are many blogs that I adore — far more than seven — but rules is rules. So congrats to these people:

1. Dear Optimists: I’ve posted about them before, but Nadia and Den truly are fantastic, and they never fail to put a smile on my face.

2. Twinfamy: A stay-at-home dad who takes care of his twins, but still has time to write an awesome blog.

3. Dodging Commas: Having trouble with those tricky grammar points? Not any more. Stef is an excellent teacher and blogger.

4. Storytelling Nomad: The brains behind this gem is Katy — a very talented (and fellow Aussie!) writer.

5. BeKindRewrite: This is where the genius that is Inspiration Monday comes from. If you’re looking for a weekly writing challenge, then you should definitely check them out.

6. I’ve Become My Parents: I am a looooong way away from having children. And yet, I leave this blog feeling like I’ve learned something… Either that, or I’ve laughed so hard that I’ve suffered a brain aneurism.

7. Reasonably Ludicrous: Russ (writer) and Sam (illustrator… and occasional writer) were Freshly Pressed on their first post. If that doesn’t demonstrate their sheer awesomeness, nothing will!

And that’s the way (uh-huh, uh-huh) we like it.

– Love The Bad Guy


15 thoughts on “7×7=49 and an AWARD!

  1. Hoorah! Congratulations! Absolutely well-deserving of this award. I really love your blog, the premise behind it and especially the name. In conclusion, you are awesome.

    And thank you for bestowing on me such an honor also 🙂

    I just checked out your very first post, it is no longer neglected! Well done again, Jess.

  2. Congrats Jess! Maybe more of us bloggers have a soft spot for bad guys than people would expect. Thanks for passing it along! My first blog award? I don’t know what to do with such an honor.

  3. See, this is just another reason why I Love the Love the Bad Guy. I’m thrilled to be included here, and especially as number two, second only to the brilliance that is Dear Optimists. Thank you for your support and for making me smile with every one of your posts.

    And for this, I’m going to do something unprecedented. I hereby declare you Twinfamy’s first-ever Loyal Reader Emeritus, a title sure to garner attention for you for the rest of your life. I imagine it worthy of large, bold fontedness in email signatures and resumes, but I will leave that up to you.

    Thanks again.

      Yes. That sounds prestigious. That is definitely going on my rèsumè. Try and ignore me NOW, potential employers!

      (By the way, my seven bloggers weren’t in any particular order. Which means, in your head, you could easily place yourself at number one. Wooooo!) 😀

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