“Once and Future: Part One”

Hello readers!

Life is crazy hectic right now, but I couldn’t resist joining in the annual fun of Be Kind ReWrite’s VOICE WEEK!

In the first year, I wrote a realistic piece taking place at a wedding.

In the second, I dove into the Underworld with some classic figures of Greek mythology.

And this year, I’ve looked at something different again…

Head over to the Voice Week website to read some other great pieces! For now, I hope you enjoy my first voice.

.: Once and Future :.

Part One

At night, I dream of the throne that should be mine.

The adorning velvet does little to ease the hardness of the seat, and thus I sit rigidly, clinging to the armrests like a child would a log in a river.

And then I awaken, and that river is all around me—freezing me, drowning me, pulling me into the darkest of depths. I reach for my throne, but it is gone, and I am once more left with nothing. Nothing but hatred, which I cradle warmly in my chest, stroking the flickering tendrils that seep protectively across my heart.

The nightmare will be quashed until the sun goes down again.

– Love The Bad Guy



24 thoughts on ““Once and Future: Part One”

  1. Very, very nice! I love the whole sensory and metaphorical aspects, how the piece almost bombards the reader but in manageable, fascinating amounts. I can’t help but sense a bit of bitterness…but that’s all good fun!

  2. Ooh, I like the language you use here, and the images you creat.e Really powerful stuff. I’m looking forward to what you do with this next.
    A small critical point, I got a bit confused by “the nightmare will be quashed”. I like that ‘real life’ is the nightmare and it ends when the sun goes down again. I got that and enjoyed it, but quashed seems to suggest it won’t happen, when it seems to me it will. I wonder if it’s more that the nightmare must be borne until the sun goes down again. Hope that comment makes sense, even if you disagree!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to write an in-depth comment. 🙂

      When I wrote this, I wasn’t overly happy with the word choice itself, but I stuck with it. However, my overall meaning here is that once she is able to tamper down the nightmare that seeps into her first waking moments, she is able to survive throughout her day, free of these thoughts. But once she falls asleep, it all starts again.

      Sorry for any confusion, and thanks again for the critique!

  3. Ooo great start to the week, sounds like a person scorned, possibly ousted? I could be wrong, but it’s a great voice and the visuals and sensations you create are strong, really great work.

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