4 thoughts on “Wake Me Up Before You Logo

  1. Hmm…honestly I like the last one. It’s more subtle, I think, and broad in a way that someone who knows the blog would know why it’s the logo. Though these all look great–I understand why it’s a tough decision!

  2. The first one reminds me a little of one of the UT logos: http://www.tennessee.edu/identity/graphics/utlogo-large.jpg and as I’m a TN resident who doesn’t care for football, I’m extremely sick of that look… but maybe that’s just me. 😉

    Even so, the first one would be my second choice. My first choice would be #3, with the devil-B. #4, with the frowny-hat-man is cute, too.

    The rest, while not bad, don’t really jump out at me. #5 …the “l” could easily be an “I” <- case in point. And I am not sure what the hat, in #7, has to do with bad guys.

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