Tealin’s Talent

Anyone who is even minimally familiar with my blog will recognise this image:

VoldemortIt’s… it’s just the bees knees. It is referencing the quote by Professor Flitwick in Prisoner of Azkaban in which he says, “As long as the Secret-Keeper refused to speak, You-Know-Who could search the village where Lily and James were staying for years and never find them, not even if he had his nose pressed against their sitting-room window!”

Besides being hilarious, it’s just such a cute little pic, which was drawn by the very talented Tealin. She updates a blog that you can see here, but years ago she drew a series of marvellous Harry Potter pictures, all of which can be found here.

I think it’s way past time that I glorified her talent with a dedicated post. Please enjoy some of my favourites of her work:

Tom Riddle being bad-ass.
I love the layering of this one.
The Grim watches the game.
Dumbledore, you sly bastard. ily
Because of reasons.
Hermione's go-to response.
Adorable deadly werewolf.
This is one of those things that you didn't know you needed until it exists.
He's just so freaking happy!

– Love The Bad Guy


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