“I Suck”

I Suck

a poem by me

I stared at the date,
As pale as a ghost.
Had six weeks gone by
Since I wrote my last post?

I denied it most strongly
And to my inbox I fled.
“You have,” it declared,
“304 emails unread.”

Thus it was at this time
A realisation was struck.
I threw up my hands
And said, “Well, fuck, I suck.”

I suck like a vacuum—
I suck even more.
I suck like a cheap-ass
two-dollar street whore.

Sure, I tweet and I tumble
And do Facebooky things.
But they don’t truly excuse
My most rotten of sins.

It was here that I started
To blog and to share
My writing and ramblings
To any who care.

I have no large following;
So few who await me.
But I’ve let down myself
So often and greatly.

I’ve not worked on my novel
In over a year.
And any short stories
Are dull and unclear.

I’m struggling with life
And everything in it.
I’m not sure where to turn;
I’m close to my limit.

It’s live V. survive
As I strive for results.
But most days I think,
“I’m too dumb to adult!”

I know I should rely
On my strength and not luck…
But instead I wrote a poem
About how much I suck.

So I’ll try to keep going.
I’ll fight for my smile.
But a real post on Bad Guy
Might yet be a while.

– Love The Bad Guy


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