Published Works

Short and Twisted: (a book series edited by Kathryn Duncan)

One Forty Fiction: (a website for 140-character stories)

Littlerature: (a website for stories of exactly 1064 words)

101 Fiction: (a website for drabbles)

Take 5 Magazine: (Winner of the Romance Writing Competition with Random House Australia)

  • Trash to Treasure [available for free download at Google Play, Amazon, iTunes, and various other locations]

Potatoes: (An anthology published by KnightWatch Press)


5 thoughts on “Published Works

    1. Yeah, you’re a few months late for S&T. Have you been published in it before? I seem to recall a few works written under “Chris”.

      I am indeed Australian (HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY!), but I’ve not heard of the Ulrich prize. I’ll look it up!

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